- Finals are on 19-20 October 2024 at the
Motorworld Cologne -

- Finals are on 26-27 October 2024 at the Motorworld Cologne -

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The Vision of Double Trouble

Double Trouble is a partner competition of the Functional Fitness Sport, established in 2019, organized by RheinGym. It has taken place 4 times and has become one of the most popular Fitness Competitions within Europe. We strive to become a pioneer by making the sport of Functional Fitness more profitable for athletes and sponsors and more exiting to watch for spectators.

Athletes Feedback

See what CrossFit Games athlete Lazar Dukic says about his experience at the Double Trouble Competition in 2023:

Value for Sponsors

We deliver a professional DIGITAL and NON DIGITAL PERFORMANCE for our partners


Create a competition that is EXCITING TO WATCH. It is not only very attractive for visitors onsite to see popular athletes competing, but we will also design the workouts in a way, that makes it interesting to watch on the livestream. One special will be the live scoring, which makes it possible to see reps and ranks in real time during the workout!

Reward Athletes

Always provide HIGH CASH PRIZES for professional podium athletes. This leads to a participation of International well-known athletes. In 2021 we had several participants and qualified athletes of the CrossFt Games

1 st 10,000€

2 st 5,000€

3 rd 2,500€

Athletes who participated the last years


The Event will take place at ‚Motorworld‘ Cologne with a total Event Space of 2600 square meters including a gigantic digital screen. 


You have questions ? Please see the FAQ or contact us at doubletrouble@rheingym.de


The finals will take place on 19th and 20th October 2024. The qualifier phase will be in June 2024

It will take place in a very special and unique, luxury location: MOTORWORLD Cologne. It is the perfect location for this event and we already organized the Double Trouble 2023 there.

Last year we had more than 400 teams participating in the qualifier phase and then 180 athletes moving on to the finals. 

You can become a main sponsor of the event with different packages or take part only as a vendor on the finals on 19th/20th October.

We offer a digital and non-digital performance, which is above average. Before the event, we can produce high quality videos, motion graphics and everything our sponsors wish for.

During the event we habe a 60 square meter LED screen for the visibility of our sponsors and a very professional livestream.

We have different camera angles, a mobile camera and live scoring, which means the stream very interesting to watch. The viewers see live repetitions and ranks on every workout. Further more our “Battle concept” makes the competition more exciting in general – onsite and online

We have tried this concept already last year and it was very much liked by visitors and athletes. It means, that in the finals all the scores are set back to zero and the competition will proceed in a k.o. system. Athletes have to go through 6 little workouts back to back and can drop out any time. This makes it more challenging for athletes, but more interesting for the visitors and viewers as well.

For the main sponsors, we only take 1 sponsor from every industry. Preferred industries are: 

supplements, clothing, sports drink, recovery and something non-sports related like insurance, bank or similar. Of course we are always open for sponsors from other industries.

Vendor spaces at Motorworld can be chosen flexible. You tell us the space you need and we will make it possible. 

Please send your request to doubletrouble@rheingym.de

Most participants are from Germany, but the last years we also had athletes from the USA,UK, Poland, Serbia. Austria, Switzerland and France. 

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please send an Email to doubletreouble@rheingym.de and we will then schedule a zoom call to discuss all the details.

Send us an E-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Kölner Str. 60, 50859 Köln-Lövenich