Double Trouble

Double Trouble is a partner competition of the Functional Fitness Sport, established in 2019, organized by RheinGym. It has taken place 3 times and has become one of the most popular Fitness Competitions within Germany and beyond. 

OUR Vision

We strive to become a pioneer in Europe by making the sport of Functional Fitness profitable for professional athletes


See what CrossFit Games athlete Lazar Dukic says about his experience

Value for Sponsors

Deliver a professional DIGITAL and NON DIGITAL PERFORMANCE for our partners


Create a competition that is EXCITING TO WATCH. It is not only very attractive for visitors to see popular athletes competing together in a team setting, but we will also design the workouts in a way, that makes it exciting to watch for onsite and online and is different to other competitions.

Reward Athletes

Always provide HIGH CASH PRIZES for professional podium athletes. This leads to a participation of International well-known athletes. In 2021 we had several participants and qualified athletes of the CrossFt Games

1 st 10,000€

2 st 5,000€

3 rd 2,500€



The Event will take place at ‚Motorworld‘ Cologne with a total Event Space of 2500 square meters including a gigantic digital screen. 

Online Qualifier

June 3rd- July 14th

Onsite Event

26/27th October 2024

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