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Parking & Adress

Advice for your GPS: Enter the street: „Butzweilerhoferallee“, so you can access both parking lots.

You have free parking at Motorworld Cologne on P1 + P2. P1 is directly located at the entrance of the V8 Hotel. From the hotel entrance, you have also direct access to the event space. P2 is directly located by the entrance of the Double Trouble event hall

IKEA Parking

If both parking spaces are full, you can park at the IKEA parking lot next door.

Heats & Starting Times:

Please make sure you are available in the warm-up area 5 minutes before your starting heat! Athletes of the next starting heat always have priority in the warm-up area.


If you need a room, you can contact the hotel at: by mentioning „RheinGym“ for a 10% discount.

Event Equipment SALE

You get up to 60% discount on the event equipment (used 1x at the event) 

You can buy your equipment online here: 

It is also possible to buy the equipment directly at the SUPRFIT booth at the event. 

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